China - Yale Healthy Cities Leadership Program

Established in 2016. Yale partners with the China Association of Mayors on an annual public health program for up to 20 Chinese city leaders from a single province. In 2016, the delegation was from Guangdong province and comprised mayors, vice-mayors, Party secretaries, and deputy Party secretaries.
The Healthy Cities program is informed by the World Health Organization's Healthy Cities initiatives, which address priority urban health determinants. Solutions to urban health problems require the effective involvement of a variety of non-health sectors, as well as nongovernmental organizations, the private sector, and the community. The overall strategy employed by the Healthy Cities initiatives is to generate inter-sectoral action and community participation to integrate health protection and health promotion activities and transform health determinants for the better.
In May 2016, the Guangdong delegation spent one week on the Yale University campus in conversation with a broad range of Yale faculty and other experts in public health, urbanization and urban renewal, sustainability, economic development, municipal financing, and related subjects. They then visited Los Angeles, meeting with city officials, hospital executives, community activists, and others, to learn from strategies and best practices implemented there. The program’s overall aim is to broaden awareness, increase knowledge, and supplement the toolkits of officials who are critical to China’s long-term sustainable development.
The program benefits from the expertise of Faculty Director Jeannette Ickovics, PhD, the Samuel and Liselotte Herman Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences and the Yale School of Public Health. Herbalife provides financial support.

News and Photos

China - Yale Healthy Cities Leadership Program at West Campus (2016)
Yale School of Public Health: China - Yale Healthy Cities Leadership Program (2016)