We're serious about global leadership.

Leadership in the twenty-first century is global in nature. Since 2004, the Yale Office of International Affairs (OIA) has been offering a suite of Leadership Programs to professionals and life-long learners from around the world to enhance skills, broaden networks, and deepen thinking. OIA is a university-wide resource that serves as the global liaison for all students, faculty, staff, and organizations involved in international activities and initiatives. Combining regional expertise with administrative capabilities, OIA fosters connections within the Yale community and abroad, while further strengthening Yale’s position as a leading global university that is inspiring the minds that inspire the world. 

Our programs are laser-focused on today's most pressing issues or human aspirations while supporting and highlighting Yale’s renowned educational mission. We challenge you to think strategically about your work, your life, and your world. Yale faculty from all across the university offer cutting-edge analysis, highlight global trends, and lead discussions that open up new ways of thinking about our complicated world and your place in it.

For more than three hundred years Yale has educated leaders for all sectors of society, and now for more than a decade Yale has offered short-term programs for emerging and senior leaders from around the world and from a variety of sectors. Today’s high-impact leaders have vision and knowledge; the skills to influence and motivate; clear, realistic pathways for achieving goals; and a broad understanding of issues beyond their narrow fields of expertise. Focused training can turn already capable leaders into visionaries who move organizations, initiatives, and ideas forward, who galvanize action, and who inspire trust and loyalty. We believe that effective leadership can be taught. Our customized leadership programs foster strategic thinking by individuals and organizations that transcends political and economic cycles.

Yale’s leadership programs primarily draw on the expertise and experience of the University’s more than 3,200 distinguished faculty members, a large number of whom are leaders in their disciplines.  Yale has faculty in the more than eighty fields of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, as well as in professions ranging from law and management to environmental studies and medicine. We also draw on our distinguished alumni and guest speakers who are prominent in their fields.

We offer open-enrollment programs and custom programs for partner organizations. If you are an individual looking to expand your horizons or take your career to the next level, check out our open-enrollment programs. If you are an organization or a company that wishes to work with us to design a customized program for your employees or for a specific group of people, please contact us today.